Babylon-flavoured Tota11y One-stop Turnkey Enterprise Visual Accessibility Checking Solution

Tota11y is a simple tool to visualise the most widespread web accessibility errors in a non overwhelmingly-techy way. You can read the instructions.

Drag this link to your Firefox/ Chromium/ Safari bookmarks bar:


See code on Github.

(Here's the bookmarklet for testing the dev version

Version 1.3.1 ("Venomous Harmonica")

Some silly sausage (me) forgot that the marvellous HTML5 <details> element is keyboard-focussable, so that's now also in the Focus Order plugin. As it can contain other focussable elements, the plugin will open all details blocks so that any inner elements' tab order can be displayed (and give the auto-opened details element a green outline).

Version 1.3.0 ("Saxon Violins")

Adds Focus order plugin exposes elements that naturally take focus, or have a tabindex applied to make them focussable. Basically, if you have a pseudo-button or similar control made out of divs and JS and it is not highlighted, you have a problem.

It will guess at the tab order (not guaranteed due to under-specification of tabindex, different browser behaviours, and also clickable things in iframes). Verify any weirdness by simply advancing through the page with the 'tab' key.

Thanks to flame-haired FOSS Adonis Stuart Langridge for help with some jQuery.

Version 1.2.0 ("Lame Duckcaller")

Version 1.2.0 adds Black Duck security testing.

Version 1.1.0 ("Recalcitrant piccolo")

A PR from an external org! This uncomments out the Labels plugin that I had commented out. (Didn't hurt to restore it as they needed it).

Version 1.0.1 ("Rusty trombone")

New naming convention replaces adjective+animal I've never eaten. Version 1+ are adjective+musical instrument I've never tried to play.

Bug fixes:

Version 1! ("Justifiably melancholic otter")

Tarted up the design so it has a nice border and will show up against dark cookie banners etc.

Version 0.7 ("Psychopathic tapeworm")

Version 0.6 ("Concupiscent hedgehog")

Version 0.5 ("Insouciant cormorant")

Version 0.4 ("Sultry panda")

Version 0.3 ("Mellifluous ostrich")

Version 0.2 ("Uninhibited gibbon")

Version 0.176303987 ("Lachrymose rhinoceros")

Version 0.1 ("Obstreperous lemur")